You Okay, NASA?

​Yesterday at church, the pastor said someone was having bad dreams and he wanted to pray for them. A lady came. forward and said it was her. You could tell the pastor thought there was someone else, but no one else moved.

Here’s the crazy I dreamed up last night:
There were a lot of scenes. You know how dreams jump around? I don’t remember how it started out, but it had something to do with my old high school. In another scene, I was looking at “maps,” but not really maps. New houses were showing up radically close to our back door, and I was trying to figure out from the maps who was building these houses. I was back in the house I’d grown up in (the one that burned down) for this whole dream. It’s almost like I went back to maybe 17 or 18 years old.

Now where it gets relevant…
I’m standing on my front porch, and it’s like there’s water everywhere. Huge puddles in the yard and on this tiny porch. There was one of those old-fashioned iron buckets just floating in front of my face. For whatever reason, I didn’t think that was weird. In my hand, I had the end of a water pump. It was old school, like the bucket, and there was a hose attached on the end. I kept trying to put the hose down in the water and use the pump to put it in the bucket. The bucket would never fill, but the puddle would go away. Just for a minute, though. A new one would show up. It was like the water was coming out of the ground. 

The whole time this was going on, the sky kept changing. I noticed one time that it was completely dark. I looked out beneath the roof over the porch, and immediately it started to turn to day again. Slowly. I went back to pumping the water, and it did it again. Then I looked up over a hill, and I see all these people walking by, looking up and looking scared. I realized something was wrong, and the sky went dark again. 

The only part of my house that was actually “my house” was the back bedroom where my grandmother used to sleep. That was strange because that’s the room where the fire started. In the dream, none of that had ever happened. I didn’t even remember it. The only thing out of place was the wall across from the bed was separated from the rest of the house by about a foot, and the bottom half had no wallpaper. My dad was back there in her bed, and I asked him what was going on, but he didn’t know.

I went back outside to find some of the people who could tell me what was happening. I look up then to see the moon, but it’s HUGE. I need to mention now that I’m colorblind, and I’d never seen the color that moon was. I couldn’t even tell you what color it was. 

Then, a group of four or five men come up behind me. I ask them if they know what’s happening. One of the men puts his hand on my shoulder and says, “The world will be gone in a month. Earth is about to get hit hard.” 

I didn’t know this man, in the dream or in real life. But he saw I was upset, and just put his arm around me. Once, he pet my hair. I wasn’t bothered by the contact at all. I kept saying it couldn’t be true. My own death kept going through my mind, and I didn’t want to die. 

By the time I walked away from the men, I think I’d decided to kill myself before the meteor hit. (Not even sure it was a meteor.) I walked back into my grandmother’s bedroom. My dad was still laying there. There was a computer set up across from the foot of the bed. The wall that was cut off was now at least five feet away and now totally void of wallpaper. The skies looked ominous. I get on the computer to look up what’s happening and see if I can find what’s going to happen. Sure enough, there’s some huge mass heading towards earth, and it’s predicted to hit in a month.

I tell my dad we have to go, but he won’t get up. I see a large knife in his hand. He says he’s staying right there, but asks if I’d turn on some music for him before I go. I realize he’s giving up, and the knife is to protect him from people who might break in. I turn on some music for him.

I go back to the porch. I look up and I just said, “Jesus.” I woke myself up when I said it because I’d said it for real. Not just in the dream. 

I can almost always figure out why I have crazy dreams because I can see things that were influenced by the day before. Like I might see a dog at work, and then later dream I’m playing fetch with one. That kind of thing. And before I went to bed and had this dream, I heard this noise that sounded like an ensemble of trumpets. It was coming from outside. I decided it was just a really weird horn or siren and didn’t think much more about it. But certainly no talk of meteors, the end of the world, or anything like that. 

Have you had any crazy, bizarre dreams about the end of the world? Mine was pretty out there. I don’t think there’s any asteroids spiraling towards earth right now, but… I think I might do a quick checkup on NASA and see how they’re doing.

PS.  I was looking back through my site trying to find my salvation story, and I realize I’ve never shared it. I’m both horrified, and super excited. Expect that soon. It’s an awesome story. 🙂


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