Love Lifted Me

I’ve been vague about the circumstances surrounded the absence of my son for a reason. And one day, there’ll be a book to tell you all about it. But today, what matters is the place I’m in. And the places you’re all in. Most everyone who frequents this site or stumbles across it found it because they’re in a desperate place. Because, let’s be real… that’s kinda what this site is about. It’s about being real, and not having the mask on that makes everyone think we’re okay.

I’ve had a song stuck in my head for a while now. You know the old hymn, Love Lifted Me? What a precious reminder… In situations and circumstances that seem impossible to overcome, there’s still hope. In those moments when the enemy whispers to you that there’s no way out and the Lord won’t save you, the one thing we can know is that if we love God, things will work out for our good. The song says, “When nothing else could help, love lifted me.”

Love will fight for us. Love already fought for us and won. Love paved the victor’s path to freedom, and by the blood of the Lamb, that’s what we are; victors, and co-heirs of the Kingdom. Redemption is our plunder.

I have no idea why we have so much suffering and turmoil in this life. Oh, I can theorize and spit out Scripture… But we don’t know for sure. It’s been the age-old question asked by atheists the world over, why a God who is supposed to be all loving would allow such evil and unfortunate things to happen. And I will oftentimes say to myself, if I could just get a glimpse into the end of this story, just a hint at how it’s all going to come out, maybe walking this thing out wouldn’t be so hard.

But dear brothers and sisters, have you not heard? Have you not seen? The Lord is the everlasting God, the Creator of all the earth. He never grows weak or weary, and no one can fathom the depths of his understanding.

So be encouraged tonight. Know that no matter what you’re experiencing right now in this moment, no matter what kind of insurmountable giant is facing you right now… know that when nothing else can help, God is love.

And now… I’d like for you to see something. Check this encouragement gold out.


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