Time to Wake Up, Kentucky!!


As you guys know, I’ve been refraining from posting on the site so that I can work on the new book. (And by “work on the new book,” I mean “play Sims 3 when I’m not sleeping. I’m come down with a bad case of writer’s block.) But there IS something else going on.

God has put this huge burden on my heart for my hometown. Coming this fall, I’m planning on taking a team with me from Knoxville to Smithland, and we’re going to put on a tri-county event called “Awaken West Kentucky.” The goal is to bring all the area churches together for one MAJOR revival.

There’s a lot going on behind the scenes here in the way of revelation, and I intend to share all the details along the way as they come. But for now, I can’t express enough how crazy it is the way everything is falling into place. We’re talking doors opening that I couldn’t open myself if I had a stick of dynamite and some WD-40. So yeah, you bet I’m excited. This is gonna be big!

Continue praying for the book, and also begin to pray for this event. I’m telling you, this is some kind of vision we’re getting ready to see happen.

Thank you, all of you who have supported me, supported this website, and prayed for its tree to bear fruit. You’re all amazing.

Anyone reading from the western Kentucky area who might be interested in having their church become involve, email me at hidden.in.christ@live.com, or call at 865-242-9590.

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