Half-Past, Part 2

The four AM call resumes.

It was the same man, calling the same wrong number, at the same damn time. I woke up this time as well, but I remained halfway delirious.

I answer the phone with a pitiful and groggy, “Hello?”

“Hey. What are you doing?”

“…You have the wrong number.”

“Who is this?”

If I had been awake enough, I would have gone off. You called me, sir! Who are you?! Wake me up again, I’m gonna be your worst nightmare.

You don’t call people at four in the morning and ask who it is. You tell me who you are. If I had been awake enough, I would also have recognized the number as being the same guy. But, as we’ve discussed before, nothing is rational at four AM.

Nothing is rational about Jesus.

(Evil Kenevil would be proud of that leap.)

As I laid back down to try and drift off, I stopped being angry and started laughing at the whole thing. First, because I realize the things God uses to teach me something is enough that my next book could (and maybe should) be a comedy. I mean, He uses some off-the-wall stuff sometimes to break my shoes.

The next thing that comes to mind is something Sandi Fatow says all the time. She’s all about solving conflict biblically, and oftentimes says, “There are two sides to every story. Even if one seems spot-on, you have to listen to them both.” This guy calling me is obviously a morning person (whereas, I most definitely am not). And this person he’s trying to reach, I can imagine ran into him and insisted that, yes, he has the right number. Maybe this guy has crap-lousy handwriting. I don’t know. But for whatever reason, if you’re calling someone before the sun even hints that it’s on its way up, it’s probably important. So in good faith, the guy probably called again thinking he just hit a wrong digit the first time. And unfortunately, he just got a really cranky lady on the phone.

But it’s an important call. So he’s going to keep trying.

It made me think about how God calls us to do things. And sometimes, it’s very inconvenient for us at the time. Even Moses, when God confronted him through the burning bush, made excuse after excuse. He even wanted initially to run because he was frightened. And who wouldn’t be? A bush is on fire and doesn’t burn; a phone call at four AM that you’re sure is bringing bad news; they’re both scary things.

If you’re following the Lord, you will, at some point, be confronted. You will be called. And if God calls me at four in the morning, I’m answering the call. Given, I might not remember it in the morning… But I’ll answer. I would like to think that if He calls my name, no matter where I am or what I’m doing, I’ll jump, go running to Him, and ask what He wants from me. And if it’s important enough for Him to call me, it’s worth answering.

See? There was a Jesus story in all of this!

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