Rainbow-Colored Glasses

From the very beginning, mankind has used the Word of God as a sword of both righteousness and for justification of sin. It had been used to tear down evil societies, and used by those same societies to continue a reign of terror. I don’t believe that even the most naïve believer would deny that. Using the Word for our own agendas is nothing new, either. We’ve all, at some loony point, used it to justify our own sins by highlighting the feel-good verses and completely ignoring the ones that are sending us to hell. And we have perverted the Scriptures to the point where we feel we have the right to persecute and judge others because their hands look dirtier than ours.

I realize the repercussions this post might bring. I’m also certainly aware that a politically correct Bible is often a false doctrine. But… and I say this with as much love as I could muster through typed words on a screen… I don’t believe anymore that we, the Christian body as a whole, got everything right.

Some things are inarguable. Murder, for instance, has very little blur line where one could become confused as to when it’s okay to kill. And while denominations will divide on whether or not it’s okay to drink, most Christians will always agree that absolute drunkenness is wrong. That’s really not debatable. We can also agree, with very little if any uncertainty, that blasphemy of the Holy Spirit will guarantee your reservation in hell.

There are issues in society and in life that are bold print, red worded, blatantly and without question, wrong. These things are detestable to the Lord, and our Lord is a God of swift and holy judgment. We can’t argue that anymore than we can argue what color the sky is. Lying, murder, theft, blasphemy, drunkenness… these things are vile to God. And those who take part in these things without repentance will face the wrath of God. I don’t know what the wrath of God will look like. I know hell is hot. I don’t know how hot, but I’m miserable enough in summer that I have no desire to find out.

As a believer, there are two positions I never want to be in. One of them is on the broad path heading to destruction because I partook in the sins of the world, convincing myself I was saved when I still lived in sin. The second position would be at the gate of that broad path, shouting through a megaphone a deadly interpretation of the Word that would draw people in like cattle going to a slaughterhouse. God help me if I’m that person, and I have to face judgment with the blood on my hands of those  people. I’d rather live safely by the words of Abraham Lincoln, “It’s better to sit in silence and be thought a fool than to speak aloud and remove all doubt.”

So please hear my heart, church. Because no one knows for sure, where some things are concerned, what the right answer is. But with your permission to be very blunt, I’ll just say it:  I’m not saying we got it completely wrong. But I’m almost certain we just didn’t get it completely right.

I don’t intend to go deep into the reasoning here. But I would encourage everyone to dig deeper, look closer, and really try to understand why something is wrong, or if it even is. Pray for God to convict your heart where it needs to be convicted, and for His light to shine on any dark corners you’ve left untouched. And because of my own convictions, I sincerely apologize if I have ever used this website for my own agenda, or if I have perverted scripture until it says something the author never intended for it to say. I’m sorry if I have ever made anyone feel condemned because of who they are, because the baseline of simple gospel is this:  We no longer are.

We are accepted. We are forgiven. We are loved. And nothing could ever be more politically correct in God’s kingdom than that.

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