It’s 2016, Baby

Looking through the window at my workplace on any given day, it’s going to look chaotic. The front end is about the size of a walk-in closet, and there’s usually six to eight people up there. Bells and buzzers go off, people shout to each other to be heard above the noise, and we’re all moving around. It’s crazy most of the time.

One of my supervisors has the most adorable baby you’ve ever seen in your life. One of the blonde-hair-blue-eyes type. His wife brought the baby to the window one day, and the baby started whining and reaching inside. He wanted to get to his dad. Finally, my supervisor takes him in his arms, and the baby settles down. Everyone has an “awww!” moment before we get back to work.

So far, 2016 is presenting an abundance of opportunity for me. I’ll be starting a new job soon (in addition to my now part-time job), and if I ever did have a concrete idea of a “dream job,” this would be pretty close. I’ve been asked to lead worship at my church’s youth services. If you guys have followed me for very long, you know that’s been a reoccurring offer I’ve been very weary to accept. I felt like God was saying it was time, so I accepted. And as you probably already are aware of, my America’s Got Talent audition is rapidly approaching. But can I be honest with you?

I’m terrified.

I’m terrified of my current job and my ability to keep up, especially when I’ve come to love it so much. I’m terrified my music won’t be effective, and I won’t contribute at all to worship. I’m terrified of being a “leader” when I know they’re judged more harshly. I’m terrified that my new job won’t work out. I’m terrified that I blew my only shot at AGT, and the producers won’t be so keen as to offer a second chance. And of the things I’ve mentioned here, there must be a hundred more fears too personal to share. I’m terrified of the future. I’m terrified of life.

I look ahead, and I see the unknown and what ifs and the long list of things that can go wrong. I look and see all the noise and all the chaos that surrounds the next few months of my life. I see and understand how things could go well, or how everything could crash and burn. But even gazing into the chaos and commotion of the future, I see something beautiful: I see my Father, standing steady and waiting with outstretched arms to catch me as soon as I get inside. I know once I’m there, it’ll be even louder and chaotic than it is now. But, He’s going to hold me there. I’m protected. I’m loved.

The new year is here. No matter how hard or fantastic 2015 was, it’s time for something new. None of us really know what we’re getting into. But thank God that no matter what it is, we have a Father who loves us enough to hold us close, to comfort and protect us, even when everything around us is in disarray.

My prayer for you is that this year, regardless of what is in store for you, you will know the comfort of the Comforter, and have absolute peace that only He can provide. And know that no matter what is happening or what will happen around you, He is going to hold you through it all.

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