This is NOT a Testimony

Remember when you got saved, and you felt like you could charge the flames of hell armed with nothing but a squirt gun?

What has held me back more than anything is my self-consciousness. If you don’t know my story, here’s a hint of it:  I was a cutter for ten years. I started wearing short sleeves after I came to Christ, but I found out it brought more stares than I could handle. So, I went back to long sleeves all year long, and along with my scars, I hid who I was.

I played with the idea of getting a huge sleeve tattoo of just lyrics from songs I’d written, just so I could have the freedom to wear short sleeves in the summer and not feel too out of place. Or I looked into expensive laser surgeries, and I planned on how to have the procedure like most people plan for retirement. I figured the tattoo would be a cheaper option. I stopped at a tattoo parlor today just to ask about my theory and the price of that theory.

I can’t really tell you what went through my mind. So… Why don’t I just show you what I walked away with?


If there’s anything I can tell you with confidence, it’s that the Word says we will overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimonies. Here’s mine. He was willing to bear the scars it took for my freedom. I’ll gladly bear mine for His glory. Look what He got me through!

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