The Real Fairy-Tale

Remember when THIS was enough to chase the bad guys away?


Yeah… The stuff childhood adventures were made of. Typically at my house, we were so poor that all of our swords were more like sticks. Or once in a while, we’d come up with plastic hollow swords from the dollar store. But no matter what they were made of, they could always cut down a bad guy and save the day. Sometimes, we even rescued a princess with those sticks. We were hardcore ninjas, for sure.

Remember when you first got saved, and that wooden sword was enough? You were on your knees swinging that thing around left and right, and every bad guy that tried to hurt you was killed. And you always got your princess.

Then, one day, the giant comes. The real giant. And he doesn’t give a damn about your princess. He’s out to kill you. Suddenly, your sword becomes his toothpick, and any armor you had been wearing, you’re rattling around in it like loose change in a pocket. Then you realize, the wooden sword isn’t enough anymore, and taking this bad guy out is going to require more than a stick.

If you’re in that battle right now, then you know that helplessness the princess feels. You are at the mercy of a hero that, let’s be real, you hope is on the way… But you don’t really know. You’ve heard the happily-ever-after stories; those stories just don’t help you now. Even though there are a million and one stories about how the hero came to save you, you fear your story won’t end as well.

We know how God has rescued people. Not just people, but entire nations. He has rescued kings and peasants alike, and has never left anyone behind. In fact, the bible is full of those stories. Then, in the ultimate act of love, He rescued all of us once and for all, when He sent Jesus as a sacrifice in our place.

You are not a helpless princess. You were never meant to be locked in a tower. When God steps in, you have so much more than a sword. You have hope, and strength, and a relentless love on every side of you. You have a thousand angels on your left, and ten thousand to your right. You have a God who goes before you and a Savior who stands behind you.

Wooden swords are okay to play with when you’re young. But the only thing, the ONLY thing, that will cut the enemy down to size is the sword of truth that only the Word of God can equip us with. And the truth is that His grace, His love, His mercy will always be enough reason for us to fight.

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