“Haunting” isn’t necessarily a word to mean ghosts invading a house. The word “haunting” translates literally to mean, “…an intense sensation, often associated with an emotional attachment.” So, in a sense, the presence of God can be a haunting thing; a deep, personal touch to the heart, to which nothing else in the world can ever prepare. Think of a song that really reaches you, that makes you feel. The Christmas carol, Carol of the Bells, has been called haunting. Imagine being in this enormous, dimly lot concert hall, feeling the vibrations of the drums, hearing the pitches of the sopranos, and the undertone of the harmonious baritone. The song becomes more than a song. It becomes a sensation.

Being in the presence of God, surrounded by the Holy Spirit, can be like being engulfed in an ocean of love, where wave after wave after wave crashes against your entire being. It washes your heart and spirit. Once you enter that place, there’s not a minion in hell that will ever convince you that you have been alone, or that you have ever been unloved. The presence of God is so strong, it almost feels like your heartbeat enters into a perfectly synchronized rhythm with His.

There are times when, at least for me personally, confusion can create distance between you and the Father. And confusion will always be detrimental to your Christian walk. Our God, our perfect and loving King, is not the author of confusion. He’s the author of life! And YOU are His. It’s not His desire that you would ever be lost or confused in this life. By the death of Jesus, we are forgiven. By his resurrection, we are victorious. It wasn’t God’s intention to save us and then let us walk alone. He wants to be there. But He also wants our permission. Don’t misunderstand. God can do whatever He wants. But He will not be Lord of our lives until we ask Him to be. And then, get ready.

We are not called to be quiet. We are not called to be fearful. We are not called to be careful. We are called to be thunderous; loud, and bold, and at times, offensive. How bold are you when you’re caught in the tides of confusion? When you’re wrestling with this logic and that logic, what are you doing? Go into the hiding place of thunder, away from the clamor and the noises and voices around you, and let the Holy Spirit speak truth to you. Stop asking your friends. Stop asking your pastor. Stop asking your parents. Thank God we have those people in our lives to guide us, but sometimes God wants to deal with us without a middle man to create confusion by telling you something different than what the Holy Spirit is speaking. Can you do that? Can you pray and seek God with all your heart, fast and meditate, and beg Him to engulf you in His love, and start the revival of a nation right there in your heart? Can you meet Him face-down on the floor, meet the gravity of your transgressions with tears and trembling, and let Him twist and contort your heart into the image of His? Can you become the child of thunder – of haunting, raging thunder – that you were made to be?

So may you become like a haunting song. May you refuse to be silenced, refuse to be timid, and refuse confusion. May you choose to be fearless and bold. May you choose to be like thunder.