No Longer Shaded

I understand that what I’m about to say is going to be offensive to the masses. But the disciples were prepared to be beaten and imprisoned and killed. Surely I can handle a little verbal backlash. I also don’t intend to discuss the matter after this, because this is not that kind of website. It was never going to be. This is for HIS glory, and nothing else. Not for controversy, not for debate, not for shaming… But I feel like this is important. The same way Jesus warned his disciples that they would have trouble, we need to be warned today.
When same-sex marriage became legalized last week, it didn’t really sink in all at once. You all know me, me and God laugh at everything. When I saw my news feed on Facebook, my first thought was that it looked like someone sacrificed a bag of M&Ms on it. I said, “God, You must be daring somebody to ask You to bless America right now.” Except, for the first time, I realized God wasn’t laughing.

I’m not writing this to bash the gay community. If that’s you, let me apologize again if you haven’t read my last post, and tell you how sorry I am that the church has hurt you. We can’t and won’t shy away from the Word of God, but if we show hatred towards anyone, then we already have. I also want to tell anyone out there who rejects God, gay or straight or purple or pink, because of what you see Christians doing, that those Christians got it wrong. We’ve done very poorly in the last few decades when it comes to showing who God is. I just want you to know, the bad parts of Christianity you’ve been exposed to is NOT Christianity at all. Not even a little. And those bad parts — judgmental, bashing, hateful, arrogant — those are not a reflection of God. Even more importantly, those things are not a problem with God or the Word. Those things are problems with man’s heart, not God’s. He’s perfect. We’re the ones screwed up, and if I could ever convince you at all to give Him a chance to show you who He REALLY is, I know you would be blown away. (And Christians, for the record, we’re getting better and better all the time, even if our numbers are dwindling. I’d rather have a few true lovers of Jesus than have a country full of religious people.)

Onto the point… And saying again to the gay community that my goal is not to offend. I’m only here to offend the religious tonight. And I know my inbox is about to be martyred over this post, but it’s necessary.

Not to sound like a megaphone street preacher here, but I can’t be the only one who sees where this is all headed. God has made it very clear in His Word that, even though all sin is equal, sexual sin is sin against your own body. And our bodies are called Holy temples, appropriately so if the God of all creation has chosen to allow His spirit to reside in us. You wouldn’t egg your own house on Halloween. Sexual sin is very serious, and God keeps record. I understand that many people believe Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed because a gang of men tried to rape angels, and it had nothing to do with the fact that the angels were male. And honestly, on surface level, RAPING ANGELS would seem to top the sin charts. Let’s just be real. I don’t think it gets any worse than that. But we have other Scripture that tells us how wrong homosexuality is. And we have entered into a new time on earth, a new era in which what God has called good is evil, and what He says is evil, it’s now good.  So whether Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed because men there were wicked enough to rape angels, or because they didn’t care that the angels were male, look past that. God wiped them all out because of sexual sin, a lot of which is going on today.

We know what God has said about homosexuality. We know what He has said about sin. And we know the wages of  sin. It doesn’t take a prophet or a theologian to see we are in some serious trouble. Sexual sin will buy you a ticket to hell faster than anything. That’s not to say there is no forgiveness. In fact, God can be found over and over and over again throughout history giving warning through the mouths of prophets to turn away from their wickedness. He always gave people a chance to humble themselves and ask for forgiveness. And some did. But others were destroyed.

Right now, what I’m seeing is a problem much bigger than two men getting married. There is an issue here that goes beyond the statistics of child abuse, that’s more serious than murder and war and theft and rape and adultery and dishonesty. What I see now that concerns me more than any wicked of the world is the number of Jonahs we have. It’s not too late for America, but if we continue to sit under a tree shaded by self-righteousness just waiting to see God destroy us, then we are no better than the evil people of the world. In fact, we’re worse. Because we know the truth, and we’ve seen the light of God and know who He is, but still sit and do nothing.

If it sound like I’m being vicious or pointing fingers, I hope you know that’s not my goal. I love all of you. I really do. I pray for my subscribers and visitors all the time, and I would never want anyone to feel attacked. You guys know me. That’s not my heart. And I’m not always right, and many of you have offered gentle correction in love. That’s what I’m doing now. And I hope it’s received in a way that will encourage you to leave the comforts of your shade tree and pray for a world that is falling rapidly into the pits of hell.

America is not lost yet. There’s still time. And I send this message to ISIS, to terrorists, to the wicked, to those with intent to destroy us, to those who hate us, to liberals who try to silence us, and to every evil person or demon or foe who wants to see the death of Christianity and America:  There are people here who still pray to an ALMIGHTY and POWERFUL God. Even if you destroy us, you won’t have the last word. He will, and it’s JESUS.

Will the Christians of America, of the world, lock arms and pray against the evils of hell that threaten to overtake us? It’s not over until God says it’s over. And until then, we can’t just sit and wait for the world to be destroyed. Disasters are coming. Natural disasters, more war, famine, disease and sickness… It’s coming. We have to pray. We have to. And we are damned if we don’t.

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