Dare to Eat a Kiwi

Sunday at the park, I was unloading my stuff from the car and getting ready to head to my usual spot. That’s when I overhear this conversation between two friends who looked like they were having a typical Sunday picnic.

Woman 1:  “Oh! Oh my gosh…”

Woman 2:  “What?”

Woman 1:  “This kiwi is freakin’ nasty!!”

Woman 2:  “Mine tastes fine. What does yours taste like?”

Woman 1:  “Just rotten! Here, try it.”

Woman 2 digs her spoon into the other woman’s kiwi and takes a bite. “It tastes fine. Maybe when you ate that macaroni salad a minute ago, the two are clashing.

Woman 1:  “Yeah, maybe…”

Silence. Then Woman 1 takes another bite.

I hear Woman 2 again:  “What are you doing?”

Woman 1:  “What?”

Woman 2:  “You’re still going to eat it?”

Woman 1:  “Yeah.”

Woman 2:  “You said it tasted bad.”

Woman 1:  “Yeah, but I’ve already peeled it and cut it open. I’m too deep in.” And she takes another bite. 

Fairly entertaining conversation. But let me take a moment to applaud Woman 1, who fearlessly said yes to the kiwi, who carefully took the time to strip away the fuzzy coat so as to not interfere with the fruit more than necessary. Kudos to her for daring to take another bite knowing it was disgusting, and bless her heart for eating the kiwi when her friend thought she was crazy. 

Our hats are off to you, Woman 1. May we all be more like you. 

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