I Don’t Want to Jump to Conclusions Here, But…

…The past couple of months, Gabriel has been asking and saying some pretty strange things. Not strange for me or most of us, but strange things for a five-year-old. He asks me things like, “Are we in God’s hands?” or “Am I God’s son?” One time, when he had noticed my obvious frustration with my car, he said, just like a grown up, “Mommy? Just ask God to help us, and He will take care of us. Tell Him you need your car fixed.” I was stunned on that one.

Today as we were pulling into the driveway, Gabriel started in again. “Do you love bad guys?”

“Jesus said to love our enemies. So yeah, I do.”

“But, mommy… They’re bad guys!”

“Yeah. But we’re all bad until we know Jesus.”

This prompted more and more questions. I explained how the bad stuff we do keeps us away from God. I told him that God sent Jesus to save us, and when he died on the cross, he took the punishment we deserved. I explained hell to him, and how punishment was like when he gets grounded, but dying for the bad stuff we do is way worse than losing your video games. I told him God loves us. I explained how God’s Word, the bible, was like a love letter to me and him. I tried to dumb things down the very best I could. I think I did really well, actually.

By the time it was over, I wondered if he was really ready. He’s been saying for a while now that he wanted Jesus in his heart, but I didn’t know how seriously to take it. So tonight, I asked him, “Do you want Jesus more than your HotWheels car?”

He fumbled with the car in his hands before throwing it down and saying, “Yeah.”

“Do you want Jesus more than you want a house?”


“Do you want Jesus more than you want me?”

He didn’t answer me back right away. He must’ve thought it was a trick question. With some more coaxing, he finally admitted he did.

I led my son through a prayer that would invite Jesus into his heart. How serious he was is between him and God. All I can do is encourage him. But I was wondering what you all thought? I’ve heard of three-year-olds accepting Jesus before. I don’t know… Either way, I’m proud of him. And I’m glad I got to share such a special moment with him. Praise God! Whether or not tonight was real to him, I know he’s headed in the right direction. And I must not be doing so bad at this ‘mom’ thing.

Thoughts? Opinions? Complaints? Actually, scratch the complaints. I get enough of those from customers. Anything else is welcome!

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