Attention, Shoppers!

This Saturday is my last day at Earth Fare. Boo… But it’s good news for you! I’ll be there from 2-9:30pm at the deli counter. If you see me, there is a secret phrase you can say that will win you a prize! First customer only, but everyone after that will get something for playing.

Are you ready? Here’s the phrase:

“The wounds sink deep, but the nails sink deeper.”

Bonus if you know what song it’s from. See ya Saturday!

(PS. To cover my legal butt, this website, nor any contest endorsed by it, is related to Earth Fare in any way. I’m a mere, humble employee who has been honored to work for the corporation, and this website is about my musical life, not my professional one. My opinions and views are not necessarily those of Earth Fare’s.)

(PPS. That being said, it’s a really, really cool store.)

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