Holy Shock, Batman!

Apparently, there’s this new invention that’s making headlines and raising eyebrows. Brace yourselves.

Do you remember the shock collars for dogs? Now, they’re making one for humans in bracelet form. It’s supposed to train your mind to help break a habit. Like, if you were biting your nails, the bracelet would zap you, thereby creating a conditioned response. You’ll associate biting your nails with pain, and it won’t be appealing anymore. And don’t worry. Your friends can back you up, because there’s an app with the bracelet that enables your friends to help you stay on track. Right… If I found myself in such a position that I needed a shock bracelet, I would never trust my friends. Ever. I’d be shocked for blinking. Nothing about the idea of your friends having the ability to electrocute you sounds like a good idea. It sounds evil.

We’ve all got our habits and trademark moves that inhibit us in some form or another. I’m a nail biter and knuckle cracker, neither of those habits which I’ll be investing in a shock bracelet to kick. But on a deeper level, let’s get personal. I’m a runner. I don’t run from people when they need me. That’s not it. I run from painful situations. I run until I’m out of sight. I don’t want to deal with it. Running is easier than facing reality, easier than suffering. Its a simple solution; pretend it’s not happening, and run like hell. I probably deserve the title of cowardly.

I have faults upon faults, and bad habits to boot. You want to know a secret? My feet stink. No amount of baking soda has cured it yet. I’m lazy. I’d rather sit and watch television for five hours straight than take twenty minutes to clean house. I look freakin’ awful in every swimsuit available. Yesterday, I accidentally walked out of the store and paid for only one of two things I got, and when I realized the mistake, I didn’t go back in to pay for it. My tags are about to expire, and I have no way to get any for another month. I chug energy drinks like there’s no tomorrow. I could go on and on.

The beautiful thing to be found in all of our faults is this: Jesus didn’t come for the perfect people. He came for us, for our faults. And by the cross, our faults are reconciled. He bore our punishment for our shortcomings. He didn’t have to do it. He really didn’t. Scripture tells us that he could’ve called angels to come take him down from the cross, but he chose to die. And for what? Us. Yes, all of us, despite our bad habits and mistakes and bitterness. Despite your running, your anger, your hurts, your sins, your cruelty, your transgressions, he saved us. And the blood of Jesus is way, way more effective than a shock bracelet.

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