Flaming Minions

We just got done having a sale on filet mignon at work. Needless to say, we had a fantastic steak dinner at home with Danny, Chris, and the girls. Danny fired up the grill while I made some mashed potatoes and corn. He didn’t do too shabby for a city boy.

Chris’ daughter, at one point, ran upstairs to her mom. She said, “You wanna know something? The fire gets bigger and it gets smaller. It’s kinda like being a Christian.”

Chris asks, “You’re right. What happens when the fire goes out?”

She thought for a second. Then she said, “You die.”

She’s right. The nine-year-old got it, where so many of us didn’t. Our faith is like a fire that gets stronger and brighter, or it gets low, even going out. When our faith is gone, we are, too. What’s left outside the hope we all have in God? The faith that where you are isn’t going to be your permanent home?

The good news is, dead fires leave glowing embers behind. The mighty rushing wind that is the Holy Spirit is enough to set the world ablaze. So don’t let your fire go out. Pray that God would send the wind it takes to take your breath away, to set your fire hotter than it’s ever been. May you never become complacent. May you never give up. May you never be satisfied with religion.

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