New Title

For quite a while, I have called this website “Guitar Leg.” It will still be Guitar Leg, and will always be known as Guitar Leg. But, in the past two months, I’ve had a life-altering experience, and I’ve realized my music is not my own to name or title. God was notorious for giving new creations new names. For that reason, the header of the website has changed to say, “For HIS Glory.” 

Please, please be patient as I get my new life squared away. I’ve not forgotten about you or my music, by any means! But finding the time and place to write music, or even to practice, is near impossible these days. And to boot, I’ve had sinusitis since I left Kentucky. Yes, you read that right. I’ve moved to a far, far away land that the locals here call Tennessee. It’s new and scary and new and SCARY. But, it’s all good. 

Be patient, friends!