A Love Letter

To My sweet, sweet child…

I remember when you cried out to Me. I had watched you all of your life, watched the pain you suffered and the hurt you endured. I knew you would come to Me. Every day I waited, I was in agony. Then the moment came when you called for Me. I cannot ignore the cries of My children. Your tears pierced my heart. At that moment, I knew everything you’d ever done, and more importantly everything you would come to do after that night. I don’t need you, child. But I WANT you. Knowing what you would do, I still wanted you.

You were in Me for a while. I would whisper My love for you in your ear, cradle you while you prayed to Me, reveal secret majesties as you read My word. It was such a precious time when you were just learning. I gave you spiritual milk, and slowly you increased in your faith. I began feeding you more and more.

Then, I watched you walk away. I stood behind you and held out my arms. I watched as you walked right back into the world from which I saved you from. My heart ached for you, but I had to let you grow. All the while you were gone, my arms stayed outstretched for your return. Because I had you. I made you. I love you. And you said yes to me. I simply could not let you go so easily. While you were exploring your old life, I never let go. When you were lost, I held onto you. That night you cried out to me, I placed a robe of My love around you. I turned to My angels and said, “Look! Look at my beautiful new child that has just been born!” I would never let you go so easily.

Then I heard that cry again. I raced to you and held you, rocking you back and forth. I said, “Even if you let go of Me, I will never let go of you.” I have promised this and given My everlasting vow. I place My hand under your thigh and say, “Surely, as long as I am, you are.” And I knew in that moment what you would come to do in the future.

I’ve watched you walk away many times, only to find you crumpled in the middle of a storm you caused. I have always rescued you. I have always held onto you. I have always loved you. And no matter what you do or where you go, I will be with you to the ends of the earth. I will hold you in the crevice of my right hand and shut it tightly so you will never be separated from Me. You will slip away from Me, but I will never loosen My grip on you.

I’ve cast your transgressions aside as far as the east from the west. I’ve clothed you in holiness. My Son’s blood has covered you from the top of your beautiful head, down to every precious little toe. I delight in you. I never want to see you in pain, child, but I rejoice when you cry out to Me for comfort in your agony, because I know I get to pull you close to My bosom and give you the comforting touch you need. My heart leaps for joy when you ask what I’m thinking about, and I can tell you. My glee overflows when I gaze upon you, whether you be in church or in a bar. No matter where you are, I will not separate Myself from you. That’s why I find great joy in you, regardless of where I might find you next. I would love nothing more than to have you stay in Me all your days, but if you never fell down, what use would you have for Me and My Son?

I am not a frightening presence in your life. I will not smite you for your wrongdoing. I would never harm a single hair on your head. No matter what you do, all I want is for you to know Me. I want you to love Me, and I will never force that onto you. If you tell Me that you’re done with Me and want nothing more to do with My name, I will part from you. But then, and only then, will I turn away. Otherwise, I will cling to you and the yes you gave Me all those years ago. Precious child, how long I waited to hear you say yes! My heart is full of joy because you said that one word. My rejoicing came when you cried out and said you needed Me. There is nothing else you have to do. Nothing. There’s no extra love you can earn, and there’s no sin you can commit to make Me love you less. Nothing you do will take away the blood of My Son.

You are My first love. You are the sweetest song I ever sing. You are My bride! I’m preparing you, even when you are backslidden, for the most glorious wedding the world has seen or ever will see again. Can you hear the bells ringing? Can you feel the rhythm of the wedding march? It’s close! It’s so close! Get ready! And I’ll be there for every step, every breath, every broken heart and every mistake. I will NEVER let you go.

Take comfort in Me, My beautiful, beautiful child. Because when you said yes to Me, I said yes to you, too. My love is unconditional. So no matter what burdens or addictions are in your life, I’m there. I love you. I love you. I love you!