Knock, Knock…

Tonight, as I’m sitting on the couch waiting to go to work, I’m just relaxing. It’s been a chaotic day, from cleaning the church, playing a nursing home, working at the library, and then back to church. And I was tired. A friend told me to take a nap, and he would be by around 11 to make sure I was awake.

While I’m sitting on the couch, I hear a loud banging on the door. It was the loudest, most obnoxious knock I’ve ever heard. I go to the door expecting it to by my friend, but nobody is out there.

A few minutes later, it happens again. I go to the door, and this time I call out for my friend. Of course, he doesn’t answer, so I go back inside. Then a third time, these events repeat themselves. Knocking, calling out, and no answer. Finally, I ask God, “What’s going on? Someone is knocking on my door, but there’s no one there. Are You trying to speak?”

I felt God smile on me. Have you ever felt that before? He’s not smiling at you, but smiling ON you. He smiled on me and said, “The day is near that I will knock, and those who have been ignoring the knocking will fall on their knees in fear. Tell them not to ignore me any longer. I’m here!”