20130611-173331.jpg~The atheist will say, “The hungry don’t care about your bible. They care about their hunger.” Maybe so… But when the hungry man asks why we fed him, we can say it’s because The Lord sent us. If an atheist feeds a hungry man and is asked why, the atheist will say, “Just because.” Then, you haven’t filled their hunger for hope; just the hunger for food. The hunger for hope is so much more dire.~

What you just read was an excerpt from my book, due to be released August 1st of this year. It’s called Weirdos. It’s spoken in the sense of how strange it is to have the powers of the Holy Spirit, but how beautiful. It’s an urgent cry to the body of Christ, telling them to start moving. It’s about how Jesus was weird… And thank God. It’s the best kind of weird. I’m so excited, I could explode. I’m nearing the end of the first draft, and preparing to begin the long, cruel, ironic journey of editing.

I have prayed earnestly for God’s anointing on this book for your sakes, that it might mean something to both pastors and businessmen, men and women, students and workers, adults and children, and saints and sinners alike. It’s difficult to write a book; it’s near impossible to write a book for a universal audience. It’s been difficult. There have been nights when I would write for hours, only to realize it was me writing, not God, forcing me to delete pages, chapters, or dozens of pages. I’ve rewritten and rewritten, all the while working at my new job. I cannot tell you the last time I laid down for a good eight hours of sleep. But by the mercy of God, I’m still going strong. And I have to believe that it’s because He is about to do something awesome.

Please, I ask all of you to pray for me and my team, and my agent and her team, as we move forward with God’s direction. We only have two months left. I’ll keep everyone updated on the progress.

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