Fat Baptist Learns Lesson

I despise having to sweat. I’m not a skinny, hard worker; I’m a fat Baptist. I respect my dad more than anyone else, but keeping the previous in mind, I made every excuse in the book not to mow our lawn. I, again, can’t stand sweat. It goes against my jolly and plump nature. But when I woke up this morning, my grandmother was on a rave, saying, “You need to get outside! Your daddy is gonna have a heart attack!” The only thing this meant was that my dad needed help mowing. So, I dragged my big butt out of bed and crawled outside. Once I got there, I had problems:  It was hot, I was slimy, and I hadn’t even started mowing yet. 

Nonetheless, we got the mower started, and I got the biggest part of the yard done. While I was mowing, I was thinking about praying. I wasn’t praying, but I was just thinking about it and what I would say or talk about. I was thinking of things I needed to pray about, and people I needed to pray for. Anytime I do work like that, I almost always pray while I do it, unless it’s something really distracting, because you don’t want to give God just a fraction of you. So I’m mowing, planning my prayer, but I got distracted. The heat was overwhelming, my back ached, and I started thinking about other things. I forgot all about my prayer. 

Things are going great; I’m pushing past the heat and the thirst. Then, I hear and feel a shaking and grinding, then a sound that only a dying lawnmower can make. Confused, I started looking around, and I found my dad’s industrial power cord in shambles. I never even saw the thing. So my first thought is what I always do when I get into trouble:  I called for my daddy. Ask anyone; when I mess up, I turn into a six-year-old kid in fear of being whipped. It’s my personality. So my dad hears this, and asks what’s wrong. I say, “I think I might have torn up a few things.” My dad gets over there, while I’m still going on about never seeing it and not meaning to hit it. That thing is in pieces, completely beyond repair. But my dad was okay with it. A little annoyed, maybe, but he let it go. 

It happens everyday; we make plans we never keep. Trust me, I have an exercise bike that proves my point with every layer of dust on it. But we hear people say, “Oh, I’m going to start going to church,” or “I know I need to read my Bible, but…” That is the most dangerous word in human language:  ‘But.’ “I want to pray, but…” “I’d donate my time, but…” “I’d put x dollars in the offering, but…” Stop using that word. Just pray. Just go to church. Just give what’s in your necessary means. And never lose heart. Romans 12:11 says, “Never be lazy, but work hard and serve the Lord enthusiastically.” 

Our preacher at BCM told me the story of a sticky note hanging over his door that said “Now!” There’s a story behind that, but just think about the word. “Now.” Especially you older people, if your parents said that word, you jumped. Right? ‘Cause you knew what would happen of you didn’t. So I’m asking you, as you read this on your computer, your phone, whatever… What will you do right now. Right… now. Right… now. Right now! 

What has passed you by in the last few moments? In Ephesians 5:16, we’re told to make the most of every opportunity. Every moment is a new moment to serve the Lord with all your heart. 

Don’t wait until you run over the power cord to call on the Father. Don’t wait until a crisis to seek Him. There’s a perfect opportunity right… now.

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