"Stupid Dog!"

Where my son and I live, there are two donkeys fenced in across from our house. On nice days, we go walking on the hill behind our house. Gabriel liked to stand by the fence and watch them. We don’t normally take our dogs with us, but our mutt, Muffin, darted out of the door so quickly that I didn’t feel like chasing after her and putting her back in the house. So I just decided to let her tag along. She never did have a problem running away, so I didn’t think much about it. What I forgot was that she was still a dog with instinct. Dogs, donkeys within close proximity… I didn’t think that one through. 

Gabriel and I are starting up the hill beside the donkey’s fence. The donkeys aren’t anywhere near the fence to where he can look at them, so we decided to walk on. And out of nowhere, this crazy dog runs into the field with the donkeys, headed towards them a mile a second. I try to call for her, but she’s far more interested in the donkeys than me. Once she gets close enough, one of the donkeys thought it would be fun to chase her. 

I watched for what felt like an hour as this cat and mouse — or in this case, the donkey and dog — chase continued. The donkey is trying to stomp Muffin while chasing her, and when Muffin gets too overconfident, the pursuit flips. So while Muffin is chasing the donkey, he’s bucking and kicking, and I’m biting my nails because I know if this dog gets kicked, she’s not going to make it. All I can do, helplessly, is scream at her. So everyone in Birdsville, which is all of twelve people, heard me screaming at the top of my lungs, “MUFFIN!  YOU IDIOT DOG! COME BACK HERE!” Muffin finally did come back, safe and sound. She didn’t dare chase them again. And if I had known that she was going to be okay, I would have been laughing my head off.

God has the tendency to be a screaming voice in our lives, calling out to us, and we may choose to ignore it. But rest assured, God is out to protect us.  In Jeremiah 29:11, God tells us that His plans are to prosper and give us a future; not to harm us. Truth is universal. There is no, “Well, if that’s what you believe, that’s great, but it’s not my thing.” If God protects me, He protects you. If Christ is returning, he’s coming back to your reality and mine. If God loves one, He loves all. God is not calling out to just some of us; He’s calling out to all of us. He’s saying, “Come to Me.” 

In this midst of tragedy or a storm, God is calling us. He’s calling all of us. He wants to protect us and guide us, but we have to let Him. So while we’re in danger, there’s trials in our lives, God is on the other side of the fence screaming for you, “Come to Me! Rest in Me!” Or maybe you’ve displaced Him and He’s saying, “Come back here!” He’s trying to reach you over the chaos in your life, but it’s not His voice that’s failing; it’s your ears. Stop and listen, and spare just a moment to take God’s glory in. If all of us, for just one moment, stopped and listened… What if? What if you did? 

God can find us wherever we are. He’s calling to us, no matter where we are, whether we’re going through storms, everything is smooth, or you’re being chased by a dog or a donkey — He’s calling you. In Matthew 11:28, Jesus says, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Jesus is not just an alternative method to get into heaven; he is the ONLY way. That’s Why he is so eager to call out. Is he calling to you?

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