The Three Little "Pigs"

Once upon a time, there were three little pigs. These pigs loved to play all day, rolling in mud and muck. Two of the pigs were gluttonous and dirty, but the third little pig was righteous and clean. When the pigs were grown, Papa Pig decided it was time for them to go out into the world and build houses of their own. So on one fine morning in Spring, all three pigs set out to begin their new lives.

While on their adventure, the first little pig met a man with a wheelbarrow full of money. He said, “Sir! What are you doing with that wheelbarrow full of money?” The man answered, “I’m going to build a house out of it.” The pig replied, “You must have so much! Could I please have some to build a house with?”

“Certainly! You could build a fine house with this!” So the man gave the pig a few hefty bundles of money. The pig had his house built by nightfall. The second and third pig thought this was outrageous. “What will keep the wind from destroying his house?” they wondered. “Some fine house indeed!” And they went on their way. 

Before long, the two pigs met a man with a wheelbarrow full of sin. The second pig stopped the man and said, “Sir, what will you do with all that sin?” to which the man replied, “Why, I’m building a house.” “Might I have some?” the pig asked. “I, too, am trying to build a house.” The man gladly offered up some of his sin for the pig, who had his house built by nightfall. 

The third pig was disappointed at the sight of his brothers’ homes. “What will keep the wind from blowing down their houses or the rain from washing them away?” he wondered. But still needing a home of his own, he went on his way. The next day, the pig come across a man with a wheelbarrow overflowing with faith. The pig thought that faith would build a lovely house. So like his two other brothers, he stopped an asked the man for some. The man smiled and handed him a single grain. The pig was taken aback by the man’s greed. “How will I build a house with just this tiny bit of faith?” he asked the man. But the man said, “Just a little is all you need. Take what little you have and build your house.” 

The pig toiled away day and night, day and night, day and night with his little bit of faith. His brothers laughed at him, for he was still without a home. But finally, after much work, the pig had built his home of faith. His two brothers saw how beautiful it was, but they were partial to their houses of money and sin. All three pigs lived comfortably, however, until the big bad wolf came to call. 

The wolf came to the first pig’s house of money. He knocked and said, “Little pig, little pig, let me come in!” the pig said, “Why? So you can get me? I don’t think so.” The wolf shouted angrily, saying, “Then I’ll blow your house down!” And with a light blow, the house toppled on the pig and consumed him. The wolf did the same thing to the pig whose house was made of sin. Both pigs were consumed by their houses when they collapsed onto them. Finally, the wolf went to the third pig’s house made of faith. 

“Little pig!” the wolf called out. “I’ve sent your two brothers to their demise with their sin and their money. You’re next!” 

The pig remained calm and collected, and said to the wolf, “Do your worst, wolf. But my house is built out of faith. I began with just a single stone in the foundation, and each time I sought out another stone for the next step, one appeared in my path. My foundation was built out of stones given to me because I first had a single stone of faith. Each nail you see driven through the boards tells a story of reinforcement, and each one serves as a reminder of what I’ve seen. They’re needed to keep this house as strong as it is now. Do you see my windows? There’s a light that emits from them, and others who pass by wonder why my lights are so bright and beautiful. They say, ‘We want lights like those!’ but they don’t know how to obtain them. The roof you see on top of my house is a wing that protects me from storms, and the walls guard me from the wind. If it wasn’t for my foundation, I would have no place to stand, nor a base for my walls, and therefore no roof. But my house is strong, and it only took one tiny stone to begin. That’s why I tell you, wolf, to try as hard as you can. My house is far too strong for you to even blow a shingle away!”

Despite having heard all this, the wolf tried and tried, and be blew and blew on the house. He even tried beating on the house, hammering at it, but nothing he did would even put a crack in the house. 

Isaiah 28:16, NLT — Therefore, this is what the Sovereign Lord says:  “Look! I am placing a foundation stone in Jerusalem, a firm and tested stone. It is a precious cornerstone that is safe to build on. Whoever believes need never be shaken.”

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